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Responsive Web Design – Rebuilding the Web

In a lot of ways, the current responsive web design movement reminds me of a media format change.  Sure, you can still bump out tunes on your eight-track, but the cassette is where its at, cat daddy.  From there, well, you know the rest, CD, HDCD, DVD-Audio (which, I...

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Natural Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a huge topic of discussion today. Lots and lots of people are talking about content marketing. So much so that a mini gold-rush is on, with lots of marketing companies throwing their hats in the ring, promising gains in traffic, sales, and...

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Just Be Decent

The other day I was thinking about business, and what I thought my/our secret sauce is. That is, we seem to get a lot of the business we go after, and we seem to have lots of happy customers, but why is that? Asking these sorts of questions, to me anyway, isn't an...

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Form vs. Substance – Does this Design Matter?

A lot of times, when it is your job to build things (and usually this involves building things for others), there can be a tug of war between substance and form.  Especially when more and more people get involved in the design process (and double-especially when these...

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Facebook Timeline as the New QWERTY?

Warning: Conspiracy Theory Ahead Something hit me the other day when I was looking at Facebook and their new-ish timeline layout. No, it is not the usual "I hate the new Facebook timeline!! Why did they ever change it??!! Grumble, Grumble, Grumble, Goo!!" Although I...

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The Importance of Alignment when Showing Data

So I am heading to Seattle this coming weekend and I wanted to check the weather.  Now, I may be old-school, but my first resource for this sort of thing is the Weather Channel website.  For me, it is one of those things that just works, and even though there are no...

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Embracing Your Preferences

Because the nature of my work is pretty fluid, my job description with many clients is dictated by their needs and what they ask me to do. I am really fortunate to have done a lot of different things in my career, and as such, I can do a wide variety of things. ...

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Right Now is Awesome

I get excited about a lot of things, I guess that is my nature.  But, there is nothing I am more excited about than what is going on right now.  Everywhere I look, creativity is being unleashed in the most amazing ways.  New companies are cropping up all over the...

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Personal vs. Interpersonal Interaction Design (IxD)

As a designer who builds things people use, psychology and behavior of the end user enter into my thinking quite often.  Because, at least to me, a big part of experience design of any kind is knowing what kind of experience you are trying to create and whom you are...

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No One Wants to Ask Jeeves

You know, I was never interested in asking Jeeves anything.  Although it has been several years since I have had a chance (since Ask Jeeves changed their name to, this is still something I see today.  That is, taking a good idea in the analog world (asking a...

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