About 1123Interactive

What makes us tick and why we do what we do.

About Us


These days, almost anyone can build a website. So, you may ask yourself, why would someone choose us to build it for them? The answer is, we build more than websites, we build experiences.

Just like the majority of verbal communication is actually non-verbal, the majority of communication on a website is not done through the text on the page. Users breathe in all elements of a website, and issues such as tone, branding, trust, authenticity, and a bevy of other issues affect the overall website interaction. As such, it takes razor-sharp vision and well-coordinated execution to truly connect on all levels.


The desire to build a great website is a desire to craft a great experience. Design matters. Usability matters. Well thought-out architecture and labeling matters. A smooth, intuitive flow of all interactive elements of a website matter, and the problem with violating any of these sensibilities is that users will leave without telling you why. There are few prizes for the ones who almost get it right.

So where do we come in? Not only do we truly practice everything we are describing, we have a nearly unending passion for crafting exceptional experiences. Nothing makes us happier than creating win/win situations. We live for working that extra bit harder, for daring to be more innovative, for taking the time to truly understand what people are looking for and building the ideal vehicle to deliver it to them. In our minds, especially online, if you are not exceptional, you are just one of the millions of “other” sites that are on the Internet.


Here is what we believe. We believe that excellence comes from hiring and inspiring exceptional people. We believe that the most productive people are the ones who are allowed to be engaged in what makes them happy. We believe that having clear, unshakable vision for what a project can be is often what takes it from good to great. We believe that outstanding success often comes from unexpected places. We believe that it is the people who make greatness happen, and we believe it is important to treat them that way. We believe that enabling people to be successful enables entire groups and organizations to succeed. We believe that the great ideas of tomorrow will not come from doing the same things we are doing today.

At 1123, we revel in the opportunity to help people be successful; whether it is the end users of a project, our clients, or even our staff. For us, nothing is better than finding the win/win/win solution to a business opportunity. At 1123, we make websites, websites that work.


The name for 1123Interactive came from a pretty nerdy place. A lot of people think it is eleven/twenty-three, but it is actually one-one-two-three. Why? Well, the answer has to do with balance.

1-1-2-3 is actually the start of a Fibonacci sequence. A Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical alignment of numbers where the any number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two. That is, the “3” in 1123 is there because 2+1=3. If we were to keep going, the sequence would be 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…

So, what does that have to do with balance? My, you ask good questions. Without getting too deep in the design weeds, there is something in the world called the golden ratio that most designers pay a lot of attention to. To oversimplify it to the point most designers would yell at us, the golden ratio is the proportional ratio you often see in nature. In fact, most “beautiful” things, whether they be man-made or natural, adhere to the golden ratio. And, fun fact, the difference between the numbers in a Fibonacci sequence is the golden ratio. Rounded-off, the golden ratio is roughly 1.62, which can also be used to multiply a number in a Fibonacci sequence to get the next one.

And why Interactive? Well, obviously, what we do spans all facets of interactive work. Of course, our bread and butter is responsive websites, but we do work for clients ranging from consulting, research, analysis, management, art/creative/technical direction, as well as much more. The common thread to all of this is that all of the work is interactive, in one way or another.

From a bigger sense, though, interactive connotes a meaning of being engaging, participatory. Compelling digital experiences are never one-sided, and it is always our goal to create work that is interesting, engaging, and to us, that is interactive.