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We know nonprofit organizations operate on tight budgets. Yet often, the most effective way to spread your message and garner support is through an online presence that inspires action.

At 1123Interactive, we specialize in building affordable, 100% custom, high-impact websites for causes focused on creating positive change in our communities and our world. With customized designs that speak to your unique mission, integrated donation platforms, email signups, events listings, and more – our solutions equip you to inform, motivate, and mobilize more people to get involved.

And because we architect sites focused on user experience, your content and calls-to-action will connect on an emotional level with your supporters and constituents. Intuitive navigation, compelling visuals, and transparent information build trust and demonstrate credibility. This leads visitors to spend more time engaging with your site and mission.

We also optimize for usability and search visibility. This means your website will work 24/7 to reach more potential donors, volunteers, and partners who align with your goals. Ongoing refinements ensure that every dollar you put into your online presence translates into greater awareness and tangible impact over the long run.

Our nonprofit website projects integrate purpose-built donation platforms focused squarely on delighting donors, inspiring sustainable engagement, and raising more funds for your vital mission. Rather than an afterthought, we architect giving journeys tailored to your supporters’ emotional connections to your cause. This enables seamlessly embedding forms, motivational content flows, and automated messages that resonate. The result is a custom integrated fundraising ecosystem working holistically across your website experience to inform and excite existing and new donors alike through care, not just technology.

Let’s talk about how we can collaborate to create a website that furthers your specific social cause objectives. With custom solutions built both for and by nonprofits, we balance affordability with results to help amazing organizations just like yours make the world a little better.

Need to integrate a donation platform into your existing website? We do that too. Please contact us for more.


Here are our prices, plain, simple and straight-forward.  Of course, anything exotic is extra but for 90% of projects out there, they will fit into one of the middle two (Small/Medium) buckets.

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Work Examples

What do our nonprofit website projects look like?  See some examples here.

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