What We Do

The whats, hows and whys.


Responsive WordPress Websites

Mobile devices have gone from a convenience to a necessity to a primary Internet browsing device. Especially if you are in any sort of consumer market, mobile website usage is exploding. Most clients who come to us have been seeing a 35% to 50% increase in their mobile traffic every year. Mobile users are just too important to ignore. Companies who cater to mobile users not only have a competitive edge, but also create a stronger impression on users. Responsive design has been our specialty since 2010, building sites that fluidly adapt to any device. Users don’t expect the website experience to be any different on their smartphone as it is on the desktop, and with responsive sites, they don’t have to be. Every responsive website we build is built on top of the WordPress content management system.  WordPress powers over 22% of the web and is simply peerless when it comes to its power, stability, ease of use, and extensibility. We can help you craft a site that takes full advantage of how/when your users use it. From mobile-first design where we optimize your site experience around mobile users, to an immersive, video-driven desktop experience, to anything in-between, we can work with you to build a site that wows on every screen.

Nonprofit Websites

At 1123Interactive, we understand the passion and purpose that drives nonprofits. An effective online presence allows you to spread your message and mobilize more people to support your cause. Our custom nonprofit websites go beyond basic brochure sites to provide powerful tools for community building, storytelling, and fundraising.

We make it easy for donors to give and get involved. Integrated online donation forms, volunteer sign-ups, and email newsletters allow you to engage supporters across channels. We also optimize sites to boost traffic and search visibility, helping you reach more potential donors through Google and social media.

And our expertise in UX design means we create sites focused on user needs – making navigation intuitive, sharing stories that inspire, and building trust through transparency. This leads to more time spent on site and higher conversion rates.

A well-crafted nonprofit website is about more than marketing. It’s a platform for advancing your mission. Our team of passionate designers and developers are ready to partner with you on leveraging technology for greater impact. Let’s connect to explore how we can help your organization create positive change.

User/Customer/Donor Experience Design

One of the best things about the modern web is that it is possible to make things work incredibly well. In this day and age, users rightfully expect things to “just work”. Pulling off a smooth, delightful customer experience takes a lot of work. Every touchpoint needs to be coordinated, and screens need to be built to be as simple, intuitive, and potent as possible. We love to craft experiences that are tailor-made to delight and engage users.

Finding/Telling Compelling Stories

Great websites tell a great story. What is a great story? One that moves and engages an audience, especially if it inspires them to action. We help people find their story, the thread they have in common with their audience and we help them present it in the most compelling way. Of course, any great story is fed from something truly important and necessary to say. We help you surface the unique facets of your story and put them on display. Great stories are memorable, they stick with people. We help you find your story and find your audience. We help you stick.

Donation Platform Integration

What We Do

At 1123Interactive, donor relationships sit at the heart of our integrated platform design philosophy. We view every interaction across your omnichannel donation ecosystem as an opportunity to inspire loyalty through emotional resonance and fanatical service. Our solutions empower nonprofits to curate cohesive journeys that inform, motivate and foster meaningful bonds with supporters. From donor-obsessed UX tailored to build lifetime value, to seamless payment facilitation, our integrations sync up for DX (Donor Experience) quality and consistency that sustains funding. With custom donation platform integrations designed to nurture and engage grassroots advocates or major donors alike, nonprofits can focus fully on advancing their vital mission.


Building Better Donors

We move beyond transactional giving into lasting donor relationships and lifetime loyalty through deeply tailored user experiences focused on service, connection and inspiration. From use testing and emotional appeals to custom stewardship flows, we obsess over every touchpoint to shape cohesive journeys that resonate, motivate and foster bonds with supporters. This donor-centric DX designed around synergy, not software limitations, cultivates passionate advocates to drive sustainable funding.

Omnichannel Donation Portals

No matter your supporters’ preferred donation channels – we help you offer flexible experiences optimized for convenience and inspiration. Customized online forms, QR codes, text-to-give integrations, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and more all unify under one system. This expands engagement opportunities while ensuring DX (Donor Experience) cohesion, forward-thinking security, and consistent branding reflecting your mission.

Comprehensive Payment Processing

Hassle-free payment integrations with leading merchant services ensure secure, compliant and seamless credit card and ACH transaction processing across portals. Donors benefit from a consistent, lag-free giving experience while your team reports on unified insights. Backed by fanatical support and continuous optimizations, this backbone empowers staff to focus wholly on service and stewardship.

Frictionless Fundraising Integration

No matter your existing site platform, design template, or functionality, our specialized developers craft entirely customized solutions for embedding new donation platforms to complement or upgrade current experiences. Through meticulous integration mapping and planning, we build custom interfaces to meld and enhance – never disrupt – donor journeys. The result delivers beautifully simple access to greater engagement and funding opportunities in harmony with your brand identity. Where once disjointed plugins and misaligned systems collided, now lies thoughtfully unified elegant fundraising ecosystems ready to propel your mission, reach your goals, and raise more money.

Website Optimization

Tweak vs. Rebuild

Sometimes, the idea of having a new, shiny website can be an appealing one.  But, what if doing so would be throwing out lots of hard-earned, good ideas?  Or, what if doing so would upset your audience by forcing them to learn a new site? The truth is, not all websites need to be rebuilt.  Sometimes, even often, just making a whole bunch of measured tweaks can make a website work much better than it does now. We work with you to optimize your website for your audience, for your market, and for your industry.  We work with you to remove all of the rough edges, add in some delight, and generally make your website work. The benefits of website optimization are hard to ignore, especially for ecommerce.  For example, let’s say your current site is underperforming with a 1000 visitors and a 3% conversion rate and an average order of $80.  So, in a nutshell, the economics of your site looks like this every day 1000 Visitors x 3% Conversion x $80 Average Order = (1000x.03)x80 = $2,400 in Sales Per Day Now, let’s say that by optimizing your site we were able to take your conversion rate to 6% and your average order size to $120.  Now your daily sales would look like: 1000 Visitors x 6% Conversion x $120 Average Order = (1000x.06)x120 = $7,200 in Sales Per Day That is a 200% increase in sales, off of the same amount of traffic.  Results like this are pretty typical.

We Make Websites Work

One of the benefits of doing this work for well over a decade is knowing how to approach websites in a way that is apt to create great experiences.  Simply put, people favor websites that work better, are more geared toward them, and give them more of what they want.  We work to build truly customer-centric web experiences that not only delight users but work to build long-term relationships.

The Power of Synergy

Online web operations have a lot of moving parts.  When someone shops online and buys from you, they interact with you in a myriad of ways.  We work holistically, choreographing every interaction to its most exceptional potential.  We seize every opportunity to create ease, satisfaction and engender loyalty.  We weave together all of the moving parts of an online shopping experience to create a successful, cohesive whole.