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Winfiniti Website

This was an interesting project for an interesting company.  The company was a startup that was building a web application for the green-energy management of large facilities.

When it came time to build their website, just like I do with most projects, I wanted to choose graphics, fonts, and a color scheme that evoked what they were all about.  They were environmental, but highly techy.  They also catered to a corporate, professional audience and I wanted to have the people in the photos match the types of people who were likely to view/use the site.

All of the content of the site was provided by the client.  As part of the project, I build-in a CMS (Content Management System) so that the client could add/remove/update any content on the site.  This not only allowed the client to be able to update the site as things went along, they could also add additional content sections as the company expanded.


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May 10, 2011