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Get Out from Under Your Business Book Site

This was a personal project based around a book I wrote.  When I was running the cable company (Cobalt Cable), I learned a lot about running a business (mostly the hardest way possible).

After I was able to get my legs underneath me and got the business running a lot more smoothly (going from 80+ hour weeks to being onsite only 3-5 hours per week), I started to do volunteer business counseling to people who either wanted to start a small business, or already had one.

As part of this counseling, I realized I would get the same questions over and over.  Additionally, I also found myself telling the same stories over and over again.  From this realization, I created a four-week long class where I walked people through the solutions to all of the big problems I had faced.  Based on the content of this class, I wrote a book in 2011.  I published the book to the Kindle, but I also made each chapter free to download on the site I created.  To me, it was important to get the informaiton out there, since if I could just help one person to not have to struggle as much as I did, it was more than  worth it.

The site itself is built on WordPress.  Although WordPress is primarily a blog platform, I used it in a CMS (Content Management System) capacity to not only host blog articles I wrote, but to also support the static content about the book.   Social integration was one of the big features I was going for with the site, with one of the most notable features being real-time Twitter integration (every new post or page automatically generated a tweet with a link back to it).


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August 2, 2011