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This was sort of a quickie project for a new startup.  What I was going for was a simple logo (so the budget did not break the bank, and admittedly complex logos take me forever).  Most of what I was going for had to do with (simple) imagery.  That is, I wanted to use an abstract graphic, but one that still connotes movement (like a revolution).

Speaking of revolution, this was actually a pretty hard thing to capture.  That is, a lot of revolutionary imagery is violent and/or dark (which feels angry or aggressive to me, which is off-putting).  I actually started the design with “revolutionary” imagery, but I just did not like where it was going and what it felt like.  As an example, here is where I started:


To me, this was just sending the wrong message.  The ethos of this company was about change, not rebellion.

With regard to the typography, I ended up using a thicker font for “website” because that is where I wanted to focus to be.  Same goes for the color use.  I picked the middle color I used in the spiral element of the logo (which was the base color) to add some more punch to the word “website” (and perhaps diminish the word “revolution” just a bit).

All told I played with a lot of different concepts for this logo.  Looking at my portfolio, it is clear I don’t do a ton of logos, but when I do it is important to get the tone/feeling just right.  Here are some of the finalists I was playing with (as you can see, I liked the idea of gears, but it never seemed to work):







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