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UX Mockup for Wine Sales Website

This was an interesting project.  Personally, I think working in/around ecommerce is wonderful.  There is just something about designing a customer experience that is uniquely satisfying.

For this project, the goal was to take an existing site (that started out as a blog) and reorganize it to have more of an ecommerce focus.  As ecommerce had become the focus of their efforts, they wanted a site (especially the “home page”) to reflect this focus.  As such, the challenge here was to make the site look/feel more like a store and less like a blog.  To me, this is a big part of usability, that is I think users can dive into something faster the more familiar it is.  It is almost like we need to understand what something is trying to be (at least on a basic level) before we can really interact with it.

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