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Vaguely Vivid – Responsive Story-Driven Essay Website

Although we have adored many of the client projects we have worked on, there is something special about internal projects.  Here we can take all of the little details that either fell off the back of the table on other projects, or just things that you always wanted to try, and actually throw them into the mix.

One of the interesting things about this site, like the 1123IT site, was that it was designed to be totally minimal.  Restraint, especially when you are building something for yourself (and literally no one will say “no” to any idea), is tough.  However, personally, I think this project really shines because the focus is kept squarely on the site content.  After all, that is what the site is all about, and any distraction from that singular focus only stands to diminish the presentation of the content.

Plus, from a design perspective, I love the juxtaposition here.  The site focuses on essays about modern technology, society, etc., yet the design aesthetic is vintage, almost antique.  I love it when you can play with inverse themes like that and present content in a way that is not only visually compelling, but conceptually compelling as well.

All told, I am super-happy with how this turned out.  You can view the live site here:


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