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InstantMD – Responsive Site for Occupational Telemedicine Clinic

We love working with new companies and that is precisely what this project was. InstantMD is an offshoot company by our friends at OHS, offering occupational health services via telemedicine (over the Internet) as well as in-person at their clinic.

One of the unique aspects of this project was the overall visual presentation. Like OHS’s other site, the challenge was capturing the message and tone of the company correctly. Health, but in sort of an industrial way, services catering to industrial employers and their workers. Almost like caring with a bit of grit and toughness to it.

Overall, we worked to balance the visual elements to accomplish a few clear goals. First off, we wanted to clearly explain what the company did and how it could benefit both employers and workers. To accomplish this, we broke the content out into sort of a film-strip presentation, with each screen laser-focused on its portion of the overall story. By breaking the site out in this way, the content is presented in bite-sized chunks, which makes it much easier to ingest and digest. Also by presenting the content in this way, we lead the user through the story in a progressive way, adding layers of content with each step.

We are very pleased with the way this one turned out. Not only do I think were we able to create a nice visual presentation, but the overall focus of the content makes the site easy to understand and engage with.  Truly, an effective communication tool.


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