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Working with creative people almost always yields unique projects, and this one was no different. The aim of this project was to design/develop a responsive showcase (portfolio) site for photographer Angie Brown.  The goal of this project was to present Angie’s photography in as compelling, powerful way as possible.  After seeing the photography, a very powerful idea occurred to us.  That is, the quality of the photos are very good, so why not let them take center-stage?  That is, build a site that is largely “chrome-less”.  A “chrome-less” site really does not have a lot of structure of its own.  This gives the content of the site (in this case, Angie’s amazing photos) as much visual prominence as possible, mostly because there are no website parts to get in the way.  It is sort of like looking through an open window vs. a closed one.  The less “chrome” in the way, the clearer the view. I am really pleased with how this one turned out.  Given that we were working with a creative client, we were given quite a bit of latitude to create something special, and I think we did just that.  However, it is not the site that is special, it is how to site gets out of the way and puts a clear focus on Angie’s great work.  By going with a minimal container, the contents can really shine, and I think that is exactly what we did here.  Here is a link to the development site (at time of writing this, the site had not officially launched yet): And, here are a few more screenshots: about-page blog

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