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CXOWARE – Landing Page for Enterprise Software Company

For this project, a past client came to us wanting to add new life to their home page.  As is common with many projects, the clients site was not “doing” what they wanted it to do.  That is, a pretty design is one thing, but good design should lead to an inspired action.  Often, websites are about what happens next.  Your clients come to your site, take it all in, and then what happens next?  Do they call you?  Email you?  Leave your site in disgust?  These “next steps” can define the success of a project, and as such, are important to design toward.

For this project, we shifted the focus of the homepage from information to action-oriented.  Of course, they still want their potential clients to get all of the same information, but they also want them to do something, to take the next steps (if they are interested) in their sales process.  Because, that was the problem with their old site, that even if people were interested in learning more, or taking the next steps, it was not clear what they needed to do.  By re-designing the home page around these “next step” actions, we not only changed the focus of the page, but we also lowered the friction in taking those next steps.  In my opinion, we also increased the accesability of the information presented by the page by breaking it down into a summary view first, allowing visitors to skim the page a lot easier.

All and all, the page is not only more focused on inspired action, but also on being a better summary of what this company is all about.  This way, clients can see who they are, and how they might fit into their goals, a lot faster and more easily.


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