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Any chance to work with WordPress is a welcome one, and WordPress happened to be the perfect fit for this project.  The client, and Enterprise Software company, needed what a lot of companies need.  A custom design, a CMS (content management system), and full social integration.  For these reasons, and others, WordPress worked great for their application The site consists of a three level hierarchy (home–>page–>sub-page), which WordPress keeps neatly organized.  Additionally, the traditional blog functions of WordPress work great for a “News” Page.  However, this client needed something a little tricky.  That is, they wanted a “news” section that they could update with posts, but they also wanted a blog.  To address this, I built a custom blog page and a custom news page that each use a custom WordPress loop to only pull the correct content for that page. In addition to custom PHP coding to make WordPress bend the way the client wanted, I also built a custom theme for them.  What I like about how it turned out is that it matched the aesthetic of a high-end tech company, but is not so cold that it loses its humanity.  This is always a delicate balance for me.  For this type of client, I look to build something clean and professional first, but I also like to add small splashes of color and interesting photos to give it a human side.  Lastly, the site heavily uses Google fonts to round out the custom, techie look and feel.

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