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Another personal project, this is a fun one.  Basically, it started with the ide, what if you could ask Siri if a certain person (e.g. a certain small person) is awesome, and what if Siri would answer, yes, in fact they are.  Well, that’s the idea behind this.

This project is a pretty simple one, sort of a minimally-viable product (MVP) idea.  In a nutshell, the site is built to be digested by data-collection sources (even down to fully-sematic schema.org question/answer markup, oh la la).  It also features a submission form that automatically adds entries to the site with all of the semantic HTML and formatting.  Lastly, it also has credit card payment integration (including SSL) to support paying for the site/service.

This was a fun one mostly because the idea behind it is so fun.  I love how it turned out and I love how even though something is minimal it doesn’t mean it has to be ugly.


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