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This was a quickie project for me, but I was really pleased with how this one turned out.  This logo is one of the more simple ones I have done, but sometimes good ideas are just that, simple, and any additional polishing or embellishment just ends up detracting from the design.

The thing I like the most about this design is the typography.  I like the juxtaposition between the two main fonts.  The font used for the number portion of the logo is a very wide, and to me, is a bit of a heavy font.  Not heavy so much that it is bold/wide, but that the curves/angles are exaggerated.  In contrast is the word-portion, which is very light and clean, almost technical.  Unlike the number font, its curves are very subtle and light.  To match the two up, I used pretty extreme kerning on wording to give it a more even visual weight (as compared to the font used in the number portion).  Lastly, I like the addition of the circle around the numbers, not only because it draws the eyes in, but I like how it compliments the rounded nature of the number font.

Any type of design is subjective, especially for designs that show taste in typography and/or iconography, but I like this one.  I like how the opposed elements play off of each other, creating an overall balance.  Additionally, the very-horizontal nature of this logo works really well for web-branding (since it does not eat up much vertical space), but it also still works pretty well for printing too.  Here is the business card design:

Design Specifics:

“1123” Font: Michroma Semi-Bold, Color #fffffff

“Interactive” Font: Myriad Pro Light, Color, #999999

Circle Color: #f58b25

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