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We Make Your Website Work Better

Whether you want to call it UX (User Experience), CX (Customer Experience), Usability, or just plain old good design, nowhere are these principles more important than on the web. That is, not only is business on the Internet very competitive, but also users will rarely give you a second chance after you have frustrated them once. Website optimization can make your website more compelling, more user-friendly, and more profitable. To us, a great experience with a website is a holistic one. To weave excellence at every stage of the experience with your website is truly magical. With websites, there are about 100 ways to get it almost right and really only one way to get it totally right. In our opinion, what is missing from most online efforts is attention to the human factors of the relationship. How does it feel to buy from this company? Can I trust them? How sure am I that this is what I want? How sure am I that others have already liked what I am about to buy? These questions, plus many, many more are what your customers are asking about you when they interact with your site. What we do is help make sure that your website addresses, and has very good answers, to these sorts of questions.

How Many Users Have You Delighted Today?

We are big on creating win/win situations. We love to create delight with the experiences we help create. To us, most of success on the web is about service. Putting the customers’ needs first and going out of your way to please them. To truly look at the experience through their eyes and design the best solution towards that perspective that we can. Time and time again, we have seen the incredible competitive advantage that can be created by hand-crafting an elegant, intuitive, delightful web experience for customers. This work is never easy, but it is absolutely necessary for companies that want to give their customers compelling reasons why they should do business with them.

A Quick Example of the Power of Website Optimization

Crafting excellence in your online experience is rarely a simple job, but it is always worth it. Let’s do a little example about how powerful better user experiences can be: Let’s say you operate an ecommerce website with 1,000 unique visitors a day. You have a 10% conversion rate with an average order of $100. So, in any given day, your site generates: 1000 x 10% x $100 = $10,000 in sales per day Now, let’s say through crafting a better, more compelling user experience, you were able to increase your conversion rate 50% (to 15%) and increase your average order size by 20% (to $120). Now, your average day (without any gain in traffic) looks like this: 1000 x 15% x $120 = $18,000 in sales per day That is an 80% gain. Now, imagine if you experienced these gains day after day. That is the power of crafting a great ecommerce user experience. Is it easy work? No, not often. But with numbers like this (and we have seen gains MUCH higher than this), it is incredibly important work.

Want to Learn More?

Now, we could write a ton more about this topic, but where the rubber meats the road is how this type of approach would work for the unique complexities, opportunities, and potential of your project. Contact us, and let’s discuss how we can build a website that is perfect for what you need it to be. Or, request a quote, and let’s chat about your needs.