Site UX Reviews

We Need a Fresh Set of Eyes

It is so easy to be too close to a project. Often, when you have been working on a site for months (if not years) it can be hard to tell what is working and what isn’t. It is not that your instincts are bad, they are probably quite good. No, instead, there is an inertia that settles in over time of “the way we do it”. Sometimes, this works, in that it creates consistency across an experience. However, often it doesn’t. Often it can allow an unproductive site/page/feature to remain in its current state for far too long. Sometimes, it is only when someone comes in from the outside that outmoded/unproductive ways to accomplishing things are questioned and solutions are created.

Experience Counts

We have had the good fortune to be able to work in a wide variety of websites and web projects. From non-profit websites that we have built for free as a giving project, to very large commercial projects (with budgets in the millions), we have worked in lots of different industries wearing a lot of different hats. And, often, ideas about how to improve a website user experience can come from something we did before in a totally different scenario. Because, when you boil it all down, almost all web UX is about the same basic things. Trust, authenticity, keeping promises, creating value, consideration, care, clarity, speaking in the user’s language (not yours), and being the best source offering something the user wants. To us, the main things that separate the great sites from the good ones are that the great ones nail the big stuff. Being an outside resource, we can focus on the big stuff (to see what is working and what isn’t) because we am not mired in the details.

Report Example

Here is an example of what a typical report of ours looks like. we break it down into several key areas, and we not only list what deficiencies we find, but also what we think would be the best way to fix them. Sometimes these reports can include mockups to visualize how to solve a specific problem. Click on the link below to view a sample report that we created for a multi-million dollar ecommerce company:


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