Responsive Website Conversions

Learn how responsive conversion works and whether it is right for you.

Taking Websites and Making them Adapt

Responsive web design is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. First, there were fixed-pixel websites that required lots of scrolling, zooming, etc. to be viewed on mobile devices. Then came mobile websites, a special version of a website only viewable on mobile devices. The problem with mobile websites, though is that at best they were a duplication of effort (not only in building the site, but in maintenance with having to keep up two sites). Now, we have responsive websites, that work great no matter what the screen size. This way, users can have very similar, if not the same, experience on a site no matter what type of device they view it on. It is this exact versatility that make responsive websites a highly talked-about subject, and a common request from our design clients. But, what if you already have a site that you are happy with that you just want to make responsive? Well, that is where responsive website conversions come in, and they are one of our specialties.

No Need to Fix What is Already Working

Exceptional websites almost always get that way through a lot of tweaking and polishing along the way. The most effective websites are typically the ones who receive a lot of care and attention, on an ongoing basis. And, if you have a site that you are already proud of, there is no reason to just throw it away and start from scratch. Our team has experts in taking existing sites and rebuilding them to be responsive. We examine your site from top to bottom and figure out how to break it into chunks that can be stacked (and re-stacked) on mobile devices. From tablets (e.g. iPads) to smartphones, and every device in-between, we can take your site and make it look great on any screen size.

But, What if it Doesn’t Blend?

Sometimes, although fairly rarely, websites cannot be made responsive. This is true for sites with data-driven layouts (e.g. lots of large tables, graphs, etc.) or sites that use a lot of videos or large images. Usually, there is a way around these problems, though. We discover these work-arounds in our research phase. We do this so that you know exactly what your responsive website is going to look like before we begin any work.

Wouldn’t A New Site be Cheaper?

Yes, sometimes. Of course, we will tell you this up-front. To us, website design (or, really any design of things that get used by people for that matter) is about solving problems and meeting (if not exceeding) goals. It there is a better (or easier, or cheaper, or awesomer) way to do what you are trying to accomplish, we will (of course) let you know. That is the beauty of websites just being pixels on a screen, there are usually lots of ways to solve problems.

Want to Learn More?

We would be glad to chat with you about how we could make your website responsive. Just fill out the quote request form and we will be back in touch with you the same day (often, even the same hour). Give us a try and see how we can make your website adapt to any device your customers use.