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Learn how to edit your own content and manage your site.


How-To Videos: Edit and Manage Your Site

Start Here: Website Content Editing Intro

Learn the ins and outs of managing the content on your website. This video covers the basics on how to find your way around, how to edit content elements, and what to do if something unintended happens.

Editing Graphics and Text

Manage your own site content by learning how to edit the text and graphics on your website.

Working with Global Sections

Curious what those lime-green sections are in your website?  Those are, super-cool, global sections, repeating content blocks that can all be updated in a single place.  Have a promo footer on each page you need to change?  By using a global section, you just make the change once and all of your pages are updated.


Adding Pages to Your Site

Here’s how to add new pages to your site, clone them from existing pages, and add them to the menu bar at the top of your site.

Cloning Pages

Here’s how to clone existing pages on your site to create new pages that are similar/identical. Handy for quickly creating new pages that need to look like an existing page.